Should you use an Intel or AMD CPU?

With the release of AMD Ryzen, what does this mean for PC builders and enthusiasts?

For nearly a decade now, Intel has been the undisputed king of CPUs. Whilst AMD CPUs did have their benefits and they did the job well, it's no doubt the Intel were the favourites of enthusiasts and professionals alike. However, that's set to change now that AMD Ryzen has been officially launched.


A lot of people have already written of the Ryzen range simply because they are die hard Intel fans. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this at all, it is a shame that this is the case. The thing with Ryzen is that it is giving a lot of performance for such a low price. It is able to compete very well (although not always beat) the leading CPU from Intel. You might be wondering then why you'd want to go for AMD if Intel offers a slight increase in performance. The reason for this comes down to the price. The 1800X is AMD's flagship model, but is half the price of the 6900k which is considered to be Intels most powerful CPU.


Granted, there will still be some people that are willing to pay money hand over fist for a new Intel CPU, but if you have a look at the benchmarks, the Ryzen line is a great option for those that would rather spend the money elsewhere on the PC, whilst at the same time having excellent performance.


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